Element Tray

Element Tray is a fun drag and drop android app that helps you learn the Periodic Table in a way never seen before, move the elements into the mixer box, rearrange them back in place and pull the leaver, or combine several elements in the mixer to make chemical compounds.

Pick your skill level, if you need a bit of help choose Easy and you will be helped along the way with a formula button, the elements will also light up with color once their put back in place.

Choose Medium, and you don’t get no help with the formula button.

Choose Hard and unless you know what your doing with the Periodic Table of Elements, your going to get stuck, the times is against you and the Elements are grayed out making it a really challenge.

It is my goal with every new major update to add at least two new levels each time, so the game will grow over time.

Uploaded By Appimade

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